We Are Promoters

01. What type of channels are accepted?

Our expert team verify the application and decide whether channel should be accepted or not.

02. When will i get a business deal?

We'll try to give you deal as soon as possible. You will get a campaign as soon as we get the campaign whose requirement matches your channels offerings.

03. What is the minimum size of channel for you to work with?

We can work with you if your channel gets minimum 500 Views for video minimum.

04. Which type of channels available on We Are Promoters?

Mostly all categories of channels available on "We Are Promoters" such as Earning, Tech, Gaming, Sports, Vlogs, and Big or Small views channel and many more available.

05. What about data protection? Is my data secure on Top Influencers?

Yes, your data is completely secure with We Are Promoters. We do not share information about your channel with any third party entity.

06. What kind of video should i make?

There are 2 Kinds of Videos you can make according to your channel:

Dedication Video – Promoting Brand in the whole video Advertisement Video.

Integrated/Shorts Video - Add Brand promotion for short duration in your video.

07. When will I get Payment?

Your Payment will be done after you send me unlisted link of that video, video will be check and your payment will be done.

08. How Facebook and Google Ads can help me to grow business?

With Facebook and Google Ads, you can reach to your targeted audience easily and can grow your business profitably.